Wireless Network Surveys

Wireless Network Surveys


Wireless Network Surveys

A comprehensive design should be done prior to deployment of any wireless network. Phase1 make use of specialized software to determine the radiation and penetration of the wireless RF signals on both frequencies 2.4 & 5.8Ghz this will ensure that the deployment and coverage meet the expectations of the customer.

Our customers should not battle with dead spots, slow or unreliable wireless networks. The survey report will also be used by the cabling team for the exact AP locations as indicated in the report. We prefer a pre-install survey and a post-install survey to ensure best wireless solution.

Simply installing extra WiFi Access Points are not a quick fix to increase wireless coverage. Detailed planning and analyses are required to solve the root of wireless problems.

Types of surveys we do

Passive Site Survey

This type of survey is done without field measurements. We use Radio Frequency planning tools to predict wireless coverage of your Access Points. AutoCAD is used to detail floor plans, and in the following circumstances:

  • When the environment has not yet been built
  • Determine the hardware requirements
  • Determine access point placement
  • Survey for data, voice and video traffic according to customers requirement
  • In order to get a budgetary environment for WLAN-related hardware

Active site survey

Our survey WiFi deivice is associated to the Access Points and exchange packets. This helps with the following:

  • Detailed information gathering
  • Network traffic
  • Signal strength
  • Interference
  • Access Point coverage
  • Throughput packet loss
  • PHY rates - The speed at which client devices communicate with the Access Point This is ideal for setting up new networks

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