Voice solutions

Voice solutions


Voice solutions

Phase1 have been delivering successful voice solutions for over 10 years. We understand that every call count in the fast-moving business environment we find ourselves in. We have loaded our phones and systems with powerful, flexible features that help companies sound professionals. You will stay connected with customers, partners and suppliers. We know that you as our customers are experts in your industry, which is why we run your telephone systems so that you can focus on running your businesses. That's why we make all of our products easy to understand, easy to use and create affordable voice solutions.

How you benefit from our voice solutions

Seamless network integration

We integrate your VoIP with your existing network or with upgraded network technology where necessary. You will be able to route your calls to local, national, mobile or international destinations, paving your way to an efficient, cost-saving future when it comes to voice solutions.

A holistic service offering

We help you keep everything under one roof through our strategic partnerships. This means that you have scalable, customised ICT solutions at your disposal. After all, we understand that our customers need to cut operational costs, improve productivity and focus on growing their businesses.

Our ticketing systems is there to help you

Our online portal helps you submit any support-related queries. We have quick response times, as we understand that you need to get the assistance you need when it comes to your voice solutions.

We save you money

More than just superior quality of service, we offer you monitoring and architecture to ensure uninterrupted connectivity. All of your calls are billed per second with no minimum charge, and lower rates between customers using VoIP solutions. All calls between branches are free with Phase1 networking solutions.

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