Surveillance Solutions

Surveillance Solutions


Surveillance Solutions

Offering the latest security technology is one of our primary objectives. We believe in secure ICT solutions that cater to all industries. Phase1 is certified to supply and install surveillance solutions with a diverse product range to back it up. We boast with best of breed IP Surveillance products in our portfolio that enable us to provide solutions to all industries with all the unique challenges that they bring to us.

Phase1 network security exists to protect the usability and integrity of your network and data, stopping threats before they can pose risks to your business. We are focused on long-term collaboration and growth with all of our partners in our shared pursuit of a safe and secure society.

How you benefit from Phase1 surveillance solutions

Monitoring and investigation

We give you visibility to issues affecting your networks and systems with the added benefit of mitigating customer risk.

Managed surveillance

By managing your surveillance, we will help to relieve the stress of not knowing if recording space is limited or that some cameras might be offline. Alerts can be setup to provide information and the SLA agreement will define the appropriate escalation criteria to keep your system fully functional. We do more than just manage your surveillance, we protect your reputation.

Next Generation Firewalls

We live in a digital world, every organisation wants to deliver services that are secure, and therefore your networks need to be secure. By using advanced firewall technology, we create a barrier between your internal network and untrusted outside networks. Limiting access to your network stops potential threats in their tracks. Common practise would be for company individuals that need to have remote access to the surveillance system, this is a very common area for unwanted people to gain access via the surveillance system to the company network. The firewall would be crucial to keep you safe.

Installation & Implementation

We implement your surveillance system either as a physical separate network service or alternatively integrate with the existing managed network solution with logical separation. Both options are workable solutions though costs would be the driving factor.

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